Does your hair grow faster in summer?


Hair is the essential part of our body and many people give importance in maintaining their hair and making it look beautiful. Only few people have a healthy hair.  In our day to day life maintaining our hair is a big challenge for all of us because of the pollution in the environment, stressful life and many other factors.  Apart from these factors climatic condition is also an important point that defines the hair growth.

Hair growth in summer

There is a fact that hair grows faster in summer when compared to the other seasons. Many factors are responsible for it but there are no any scientific proofs. It is said that in summer the hair follicles grow dense and gradually gets thinned as winter approaches.

hair grow faster in summer

Reason behind the faster hair growth in summer

During summer hair grows faster because of the humidity and increased blood circulation. When the climate is warm, we need not take extra efforts to keep the internal organs warm. Blood flow is efficient in summer and so even blood flow reaches all parts of our body. Due to this, more blood reaches the scalp and it gets more nutrients and that promotes the hair growth.

It is believed that hair growth is retained long during summer. Another reason is that since we intake lot of fruits and vegetables during summer, hair becomes healthy. Based on the hormonal changes and temperature outside, hair growth is determined.

There is always a question among all whether does heat make your hair grow. The exact answer to this is not proved till the date but researchers say that during summer hair fall is less because of the weather and so it is dense.

The normal human hair on the scalp consists of 100,000 hair follicles. The hair follicles are capable of growing many times. Normal hair shedding rate would be 50-100 hairs per day but due to seasonal changes this might differ in different seasons.

Maintenance of hair during summer

Maintaining your hair is very important in all climatic conditions and does sunlight helps hair growth very well because when sunlight falls on our body it stimulates the vitamins and that helps the hair to grow dense but at the same time greater exposure to sun makes way for shedding of the hair. When the hair is exposed to direct sunlight there is a chance that the hair follicles get affected and loses their strength.

So you must be very careful while going out in direct sun. You can cover the hair with some caps and maintain the growth properly.

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