Is spiral perm bad for your hair?


Perms are incredibly popular, as this is a great way to add shine to your hair, curves and body. With perms, you can curly or wavy straight hair, increase the fullness of soft and fine hair, and just make your hair easier to handle.

Those with soft, limp hair really should consider adding perms to their hair curl. Not only can you find tight and poodle-type curls for your hair today, you can also find a selection of curl sizes to choose from. Large rollers have small rollers, where large rollers give soft curls, and small rollers give a spiraling look.spiral perm hair

Perms is a tedious and time-consuming procedure and this is one of the disadvantages of spiral perm for hair. In this the stylist must first add a perming lotion to your hair and follow this by combing your hair, as long as the lotion leads. Sometimes it will take as many as 20 minutes of combing to straighten your hair. There are various types of hair lotions that can be acidic or alkaline in nature, depending on their pH. Alkaline lotions are best for resistant hair, Asian hair, and low elasticity hair. For normal and healthy hair this lotion isn’t recommended.

Acid wave lotions should be used with good elasticity on healthy hair, colored hair, damaged hair, tinted hair or delicate hair. These lotions function at lower pH values and are milder than alkaline perms. This helps to reduce hair swelling when permitted and prevents the risk of damage to delicate hair when permitting.

Your hair is first washed and then wounded on a former, like a curler or rod, as you approach the stylist for hair curling with the spiral perm. Then, perm lotion is applied to the hair in which the cuticular scales open a bit to allow the lotion to pass into the cortex under the cuticule. This is when the lotion interacts with the cortex keratin when breaking the disulphide bonds found within and between protein chains. Then the hair swells and softens, allowing the stylist to extend the hair to the desired length.

After some time the perm lotion is rinsed off, and a neutralizing lotion is added to the hair to repair all broken cross-links. With this, the hair is hardening into its new, curlier form. This is the most critical aspect of perming, because if you don’t properly rinse and apply the neutralizing lotion, you just end up with problems such as scalp discomfort and damage to the structure of the hair shaft.

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